You wouldn’t take a medical recommendation from anyone other than a doctor, so why would you take a financial advice from someone who is not an investment professional? 

Since identification of attractive companies requires extensive knowledge and dedicated academic research, majority of the people or institutions do not fulfill either of the two criteria if not both. Investors who engage in investment activity as a part time activity often lose money in long term. Naïve investors who rely on recommendations from family, friends, and social circles to build investment portfolio also often end up losing money.

Our team comprising of dedicated and qualified investment professionals extensively research a stock before recommending them into the investment portfolio. Additionally our disciplined investment approach, along with the checks and balances in place, helps identification of companies which will create wealth for all our clients.

Whether you are a working professional like a Doctor or an investment professional like Fund Manager at an Investment Firm, we have different array of products & services to help you create wealth.

KPIS has its own fund under management which the firm manages according to the investment principles of the Company. The Fund invests in publically listed companies listed in Nepal Stock Exchange. The stocks included in the Company’s portfolio are selected through a systematic process followed by the firm’s investment research and management team.

The research team conducts in-depth analysis of companies listed on the Stock Exchange and produces Equity Research reports for selected companies. These research reports which are written in plain simple language can be used by Retail Investors to manage their investment portfolio.

Such reports can be used by working professionals such as engineers, bankers, doctors and businesspeople who cannot dedicate full time to analyze companies but who want to build an investment portfolio to create wealth. These are the same reports which are used by KPIS Investment Management team to manage the Company’s investment fund.

These reports are available for an annual subscription of Nrs. 14,999/- which includes:

8-15 Companies to be included in the portfolio BUY List

New Stock Ideas when investment opportunity arises

Research Reports on the Companies included in the portfolio

Buying & Exit Strategies and timings

Quarterly Updates on companies included in the portfolio

Please refer to Research Report FAQs

Our research team conducts in-depth analysis of companies listed on the Stock Exchange and produces Equity Research reports. Based on these research reports, we provide investment advisory services to our clients.

How do we provide such advisory services?

We have a tie up with National Merchant Banker Ltd. (NMBL) who is licensed by Securities Exchange Board of Nepal (SEBON) to manage portfolio for investors. 

KPIS will conduct investment research on behalf of the client, select companies to be included in the portfolio, assign weights to different companies to be included in the portfolio. NMBL’s team that is diligent in execution will carry out the trades and manage the portfolio.

It will be comforting for you to know that we eat at our own restaurant. The companies selected for the client’s portfolio are the same companies in which KPIS invests into and we assign the same weight to them as we do for our portfolio.

How do KPIS and NMBL charge Fees?

Our fees structure is designed to align our reward with the performance of client’s portfolio.

We only charge performance based fees on excess returns we generate above a pre-specified hurdle rate.

We do not charge any upfront fee or annual asset management fee.


KPIS has a team of financial professionals who have prior work experience in industries including but not limited to Auditing & Accounting Services, Investment Banking, Credit Rating Services, Development Finance Management, Private Equity and New Venture Finance Management in Nepali market and abroad.

We offer the following gamut of services:

Preparation of feasibility report for projects and new businesses

Conducting valuation for companies looking to sell equity or raise fresh capital

Book building services for early stage company looking to raise private equity