KPIS was founded by Arpan Khanal and Sumit Pradhanang. The two founders have strong academic background in finance and they have rich work experience in the financial sector in Nepal & abroad. KPIS was built-up as an extremely strong equity research foundation so as to feed attractive, investable businesses in the Company’s Investment Portfolio.

Our investment principles are greatly influenced by the value investment philosophy set out by Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger. Through our research we seek to identify growth oriented companies with strong competitive moats in attractive industries run by motivated managers which will create wealth for shareholders. The companies we include in our portfolio fulfill these bare minimum criteria.

During our market research we realized how disorganized the equity research, advisory and investment management industry was in Nepal due to which many retail and institutional investors lost money. Since we already had a strong research arm comprised of experienced and academically qualified professionals, we have developed various products & services to help retail and institutional investors create wealth.