Our goal is to create wealth for our clients over the long run. In order to do so, we are guided by our investment principles which help us identify value stocks for our portfolio.

How do we do it?

Segregate the stock universe into different industry groups based on their businesses

Run screeners based on various performance indicators to identify Companies within particular industry groups which are underpriced

Select company within the industry which has strong competitive moats and good growth potential

Read annual reports of the selected company to deeply understand the business

Analyze the financial statements to evaluate the soundness of the business and management

Read annual reports of the competitors to better understand the industry

Compare and analyze the business fundamentals and financial performance of the Company versus its competitors

Gather and analyze any additional information about the Company from news, business journals, management interviews and industry reports

Interact with various stakeholder of the Company including but not limited to customers, suppliers, dealers, contractors competitors and management to get their perspective and future prospects

Continuously monitor and gather more information about the Company from Quarterly Reports and Annual General Meetings

Evaluate valuation levels of the company and sector in the prior periods to understand whether current prices are attractive.

Run checklists to identify the soundness of the business

Only those stocks which fulfill all the above mentioned criteria make it to the final portfolio list.

Based on the investment process, we generate comprehensive Investment Reports, which is used by the Investment Management team for investment or to make recommendations to clients.