Our goal is to help people, families, and organizations create wealth. We do that by following the principles laid out below:

  • Believe in the Power of Compounding. Compounding works like magic in the long term and it can turn a small investment amount into a large sum over a long period of time. Never interrupt Compounding unnecessarily.
  • Wealth creation happens over a long time period. We focus on identifying companies which will generate returns over the long term. LONGER the time horizon, the greater is the possibility to create MORE wealth.
  • Investing is buying part ownership into a business and not a piece of paper which trades in the stock market. When we invest into a Company we are buying claims on the future cash flows of businesses which will drive its value.
  • Companies with wide competitive moats enjoy strong earnings power which helps them to create incremental value for their shareholders. We focus on investing in such businesses, in attractive industries run by professional and ambitious management.
  • Staying within our Circle of Competence but striving to continuously increase that circle. We only invest money in businesses and industries that we understand thoroughly or is within our circle of competence. Even though we make an effort to increase our circle of competence very day, if we do not have adequate knowledge about an investment opportunity facing us, we do not invest in such businesses. Return of Capital is always more important than Return on Capital.