KPIS is an equity research and investment advisory firm that is currently focused on Nepal’s Stock Market. We manage our own investment and offer investment advisory services to clients.

We use our research expertise to help our clients create wealth by helping them construct an investment portfolio.

KPIS believes in wealth creation over the long-term by selecting companies with strong fundamentals in attractive industry run by ethical and ambitious management. Our investment principles are highly influenced by the Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger School of value investment.

You can find out more about our investment principles in detail here.

We follow a systematic process to select companies to be included in our investment portfolio. This process includes but is not limited to running screeners, qualitative and quantitative analysis of companies, analysis of industry, analysis of competitors, and interaction with different stakeholders. After different levels of careful and thorough analysis, we select different companies to be included in our investment portfolio.

You can find out more about our investment process in detail here.

Our goal is to create wealth for our clients, so we only select companies which do so. The Companies we include in our portfolio can be broadly classified into four categories depending on how they can create wealth for investor:

Compounders, which will grow at a steady pace and create wealth over the long term

Fast growers, which will grow at stellar rates in the foreseeable future due to strong management team and untapped opportunity in the industry

Arbitrage opportunity, which arise(s) because of short term mispricing

Turnaround opportunity, which arise(s) due to unprofitable companies turning profitable

Diversifiers, which will continue do well despite economic downturn

Investors who have a long-term horizon (minimum 3-5 years). Anyone with less than 3 years time horizon may not be suitable for our services.

You should have a time-horizon of at least 3-5 years. But, longer your time horizon, greater the possibility to help you create incremental wealth.

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