Our research team conducts in-depth analysis of companies listed on the Stock Exchange and produces Equity Research reports. These research reports of specific are used by KPIS Investment Management team to manage the Company’s investment fund.

Based on these research reports we also provide investment advisory services to our clients.


We have a tie up with National Merchant Banker Ltd. (NMB) who is licensed by Securities Exchange Board of Nepal (SEBON) to manage portfolio for investors. If a client wants to avail our research expertise we follow two-step process:

Firstly, we onboard you as a client of KPIS by filling out necessary forms

Secondly, NMB on boards you a client, who will manage your portfolio as per our investment advisory

Once you are registered with both KPIS & NMB, and complete all the legal procedures, we can start to invest on your behalf.

KPIS will conduct investment research on behalf of the client, select companies to be included in the portfolio, assign weightage to different companies to be included in the portfolio. NMB’s team diligent in execution will carry out the trades and manage the portfolio.

It will be comforting for you to know that we eat at our own restaurant. The companies selected for the client’s portfolio are the same companies in which KPIS invests into and we assign the same weight to them as we do for our portfolio.

Our fees structure is designed to align our reward with the performance of client’s portfolio.

KPIS, NMB and the Client agree upon a pre-specified hurdle rate (amount you would have earned if you had parked your money in a Fixed Deposit). We only charge performance based fees on excess returns we generate above the pre-specified hurdle rate.

We do not charge any upfront fee or annual asset management fee.

Lump Sum Investment

Systematic Investment Plan