KPIS Summer Analyst Program



KPIS Summer Analyst Program is an 8-week internship program designed to mentor the next generation of investment enthusiasts into the world of Value Investment. Our program is designed with special focus on understanding the securities listed on Nepal Stock Exchange.


The program will start from 6th February, 2022 and the students selected for this program will be:

(a) taught Value Investment philosophy & methodology through various literature reviews and case studies, and

(b) working on live investment research cases along with the KPIS core team.



Why does KPIS run this program?


We run this well structured & designed program to guide the next generation of investment enthusiasts to the world of value investment. Our motive is to provide a structured learning opportunity to investment enthusiasts who are hungry to learn the investment discipline.




How is KPIS Summer Analyst Program structured and what will I learn?


We have designed our internship program to provide the best value to our interns within a duration of 8 weeks. It will be a gradual progression from theoretical induction to hands-on assignments so that you build a holistic perspective. An outline is provided below:

Who should apply to this program?

  • Students studying abroad who have returned for summer break
  • Students in local universities who have summer break
  • Students who must do an internship program mandated by their University to be awarded with their degrees

Apart from someone living by our core values, we specifically look for three qualities while hiring someone:

  1. Integrity
  2. Energy/Initiative
  3. Intelligence

If you do not have the first, the other two do not matter.


Since KPIS’ team will be dedicating a significant amount of time mentoring the interns, we expect you to apply for the program only if you can commit seriously to this learning opportunity.


Do I need to have any specific qualifications?


Students who are currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs are encouraged to apply. A background in Business, Accounting, Economics, or Finance would be be an advantage in the program. However, we encourage people from multiple backgrounds to apply.   


How many intakes are there in this batch?




How can I apply?


Applicants should send a 1 pager investment thesis on any one of their favourite stock idea (could be a listed stock in any exchange); which should reach by 5 pm of 14th January 2022 (Friday). We will send out confirmation by 25th January 2022, followed by a Skype call, so that you can plan your availability in Kathmandu to start the program on 6th February 2022.


Please send in your updated CV along with your investment thesis.