We are Khanal Pradhanang Investment Services, an equity research and investment advisory house built to help our client create wealth.

Core Purpose

To help people, families, and organizations create wealth so as to enhance their financial prosperity.

Core Values

Meet the Team

Our team is comprised of qualified individuals who have years of experience in financial sector in Nepal and abroad.

Investment Principles & Process

  • Compounding
  • Long-term Wealth Creation
  • Investing Is Business Ownership
  • Moat Investing
  • Circle Of Competence
  • Margin Of Safety
  • Run Screeners Through Stock Universe 
  • Best Company Identification
  • Annual Report Analysis
  • Competitive Landscaping
  • Due-Diligence
  • Reports Generation
  • Portfolio Construction and Monitoring
  • Compounders
  • Fast Growers
  • Arbitrage
  • Turnaround
  • Diversifiers

What We Offer

Equity Investment Advisory

Have enough savings lying to invest or want to get started with monthly salary? Our research can help you invest your wealth wisely.

  • Why Us?
  • How do we provide such advisory services?

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